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How can I stimulate the appetite of my dog?
When your dog is suffering from lessened appetite is it possible to support your pet in different ways. Some tips that can help stimulate the appetite of your pet are:
  • Mix food (dry as well as wet) with warm water, so the scent is released
  • Do not offer cold food, always at least at room temperature
  • Slightly heat the food
  • Mix wet food of the same kind with dry food
  • Pour home made bouillon (without added salt and seasoning) over the food
  • Mix the food with meat (TROVET Unique protein)
When your dog has always been a decent eater and only recently developed a worsening appetite, it is always wise to
My cat is currently on a hypoallergenic diet, why can I not give him/her something extra?
Your cat is on a hypoallergenic diet because of food hypersensitivity. Your cat is reacting well to the protein or carbohydrate source it is currently eating. When giving your cat something extra you will risk giving something which can trigger a hypersensitivity reaction.
My dog is currently being fed a hypoallergenic diet, can I gif him treats?
Your dog is on a hypoallergenic diet because of food hypersensitivity. This means that your dog is not reacting well to the protein/carbohydrate sources of their current food. When giving your dog a treat you are risking giving your dog something which can cause a hypersensitivity reaction. TROVET has developed special treats for animals with food hypersensitivity based on a single protein source (and eventually one carbohydrate source). Ask your veterinarian which of these treats are suited next to the diet of your dog.
My pet is allergic to chicken. Is it harmful when my pet consumes food that contains chicken or poultry fat?
No. This is a common misconception. An allergy is always caused by the protein fraction of the product. Pure fats and oils are allergen-free and thus unable to cause an allergic reaction. The fat and oil sources in our pet food are carefully purified, resulting in a protein free ingredient.
What is the difference between hypoallergenic food and a health food?
A characteristic of hypoallergenic diets is that these consist out of one carbohydrate source and one protein source. Hypoallergenic diets are often formulated with more exclusive and unique ingredients. For example: Hypoallergenic (Rabbit) contains rabbit and rice. A maintenance food such as Adult is not suited as hypoallergenic diet. Adult (for cats) contains chicken, fish, corn, and rice. Healthy pets can always be fed a hypoallergenic food, but a patient with food allergy cannot always safely be fed a ‘regular’ food.
What is the procedure for finding a hypersensitivity using TROVET Unique Protein in dogs?
The diagnosis of food hypersensitivity will be done by your veterinarian with the help of a so called elimination diet. For 6 to 8 weeks your dog has to eat a special composed diet. This diet consists of one (unique) protein source and one carbohydrate source. When the hypersensitivity reaction of your dog decreases during this period, it is safe to say your dog was hypersensitive to a specific ingredient in the previous food. For these cases TROVET has developed a special PURE MEAT range with unique protein sources, called Unique Protein. These products consist solely of meat and are guaranteed free of additives. Unique Protein is not a complete food. Unique Protein can be given as a sole food source for 6 to 8 weeks. After this period, the diet needs to be made complete with a carbohydrate source and a vitamin and mineral supplement (Balance). Unique Protein diets for critically ill animals, growing animals, animals in the final stage of pregnancy and lactating animals should be enriched with a vitamin and mineral supplement from the start of the elimination period.   Unique Protein is available in the following protein sources:
  • Unique Protein (Horse)
  • Unique Protein (Lamb)
  • Unique Protein (Quail)
  • Unique Protein (Rabbit)
  • Unique Protein (Turkey)
  • Unique Protein (Venison)
Which treat is suited for my dog?
TROVET has treats for supporting the function of dietary food. These are also suited for healthy animals. If you have questions about treats, search for the indication in the ‘treats section’ or check out our ‘Treats indicator’.