6 April 2020

Availability Unique Protein products

In the last period, our Unique Protein products have been poorly available or not available. (more…)

5 March 2020

TROVET Unique Protein (Quail) and Hypoallergenic (Quail)

TROVET products with protein source quail are no longer available.


25 November 2019

Adjusted dosage advice TROVET Anti Struvite | UAS supplement

The dosage advice for TROVET Anti Struvite | UAS has been adjusted downwards.


17 October 2019

Change of composition TROVET Intestinal | FRD wet food for cats

The composition of TROVET Intestinal | FRD wet food for cats will change on a short term.


17 October 2019

TROVET Kitten | CKF and Adult | MXF for cats out of the range

Due to limited demand, TROVET Kitten and Adult for cats will be taken out of our range.


9 April 2019

TROVET Hypoallergenic (Insect) | IRD for cats

Temporarily out of stock (more…)

26 November 2018

TROVET Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) | OPD

Permanently removed from the product range (more…)

8 October 2018

New in the product range

TROVET Dietary supplements for dogs and cats


8 October 2018

Changes Multi Purpose (Fish) | MPT

In the near future, the Multi Purpose (Fish) | MPT will be brought onto the market in a new packaging.


2 July 2018

TROVET Hypoallergenic (Venison) | VPD dry food

Produced by a different manufacturer (more…)